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Wedding Backdrops – For Vows and Wows!

Wedding Backdrops – For Vows and Wows!

Wedding Backdrops – For Vows and Wows!

If you are getting married outdoors or in a more unusual setting, and you don’t have the traditional alter to stand in front of when you say ‘I Do’, then creating the perfect backdrop is essential and can really bring out your personalities or reflect your chosen theme.

Choose natural elements like flowers, garlands or sprayed branches, or create a rainbow of colour with paper pompoms, strands of ribbon, or balloons. Go for a striking metallic look with strips or cut outs of gold and silver card, or keep it classically simple with upcycled gates or wooden doors. And once the ceremony is over, why not re-use your backdrop for a fun, wedding party photobooth?

Chalkboard and DreamcatchersChalkboards and Dreamcatchers

ColourfulColourful: Paper Pom PomsBalloons

Doors four waysDoors four ways: Top left | Top right | Bottom left | Bottom right

Glittery and goldGlittery and gold: Left | Middle  | Right

Paper flowers whitePaper flowers: Left | Right

Ribbons and FlowersRibbons and flowers: Left | MiddleRight

WoodenWooden: LeftRight

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